About the Club

For an annual membership fee of £40 for students, CUCPSC provides a chance to shoot clay targets in a far more convenient, congenial and cost-effective manner than might otherwise be possible. The club has its own shotguns of different types allowing access to shooting for all university members. Cambridge Gun Club provide their facilities at competitive rates allowing us to offer English Sporting, Skeet, and Trap formats to provide an interesting range of shooting. CUCPSC offers transport to shooting grounds by utilising a lift sharing system with a pick-up point at the Faculty of English off West Road.

To attend a normal club day you must be a current subscribing member and either an experienced shot or a developing beginner. Supervised introductory sessions are available to beginners. We cannot accept novices unless they are attending coaching sessions. We shoot in groups of five or less with at least one certificate holding member over the age of 21 in each squad.

Beginners are welcome to attend the coached introductory sessions before having to pay their subscription to the club. Additional information is available here.


Clay pigeon shooting is, as you might imagine, a sport with a long history at Cambridge University. Until seven years ago, however, it had lapsed into regrettable obscurity, the club finding itself in the bizarre situation of having several guns but no members! This sorry state of affairs had come about despite a golden generation of shots winning the national BUSA championship in the 1990s, and so long a run of victories over Oxford in the varsity match that our greatest rivals retired in a state of terminal embarrassment.

In recent years the club has built up an established membership once more, and has recovered its guns to provide great sport for Cambridge students. We aim to provide access to clay pigeon shooting to all members of the university and to increase the numbers of people participating. By raising the profile of clay pigeon shooting at the university we hope to reform a competitive team winning the annual Varsity Match and shooting competitively against other universities.